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Welcome to the Marcogliese lab. Our focus is on studying the mechanisms underlying neurological disease. To do this, we employ strategies in model organisms to functionally assess candidate human disease variants, model disease symptoms, unravel biology, and identify & test drug leads. 

Lab News

March 2024 - First paper, fellowships, and equipment grants

Congrats to Yina, Danielle, and Zoe for our first review paper published in Genome. Congrats to our PhD Student, Danielle Pascual for her RFHS fellowship. Funds from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for much needed equipment... Stay Tuned!

November 2023 - Child Health Research Days, Grants, and Completed Renos

We have been a bit behind on updating our successes, events, and importantly, this past summer all the renos were finally completed. See the research section for our funders.


June 2023 - Manitoba Neuroscience Network Scientific Meeting 2023

We had five posters at the MNN Scientific Meeting and our very own Harsimran Kaur won 1st place in the undergraduate category. Also our MSc student (soon to transfer to PhD in September), Danielle Pascual has won the CIHR MSc fellowship! Congrats Harsimran and Danielle!

December 2022 - Data is coming in!

The lab is producing data and our very own MSc student, Danielle Pascual has been awarded an RFHS Studentship Award! Congrats Danielle!

June 2022 - The lab is open... soon to be functioning!

We landed in Winnipeg on June 1st and the lab is being prepped for science...stay tuned!

May 2022 - We are online!

The Marcogliese lab is online and the wet lab will open in early June! Exciting times! Immediately we will need a technician with Drosophila and/or mouse experience and graduate students. Please email for details.

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